William Burrow

First Class Oxford Graduate, Physics and Maths Tutor

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A-Level Maths A-Level Physics Further Mathematics GCSE Maths GCSE Physics Further Mathematics 11 Plus Maths Physics

About Me

I have recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a First Class Integrated Masters Degree in Physics. During the course of my degree I tutored students online in maths and physics A levels and I am looking to continue tutoring now that I have finished my degree. I enjoy passing on my passion for maths and science to my students and look to give them the best shot at succeeding in their own studies!

About my sessions

  • Experienced in remote tutoring, typically I use zoom.
  • I use two devices: an iPad which I share the screen of, allowing me to write my working out so that it is visible to the student, and a laptop with webcam so that the student can see my face as well.
  • I tailor my lessons to what the student wants, typically focussing either on revising course content or going through problems.
  • If revising content I will write out my notes and examples and ask the student questions to gauge engagement and understanding. If the student has a stronger grasp on the subject I will go through the content quicker and if not I will slow down and show more examples to help them gain understanding.
  • If going through problems I will get the student's input on how they would solve the question and guide them if they are stuck. I will always show them my solution and what I think is the ideal approach. I will highlight where marks will typically be allocated in the case of exam questions. 
  • After lessons I will send the student copies of the notes made during the lessons.
  • I will send a set of questions to the student after the lesson for them to attempt if they wish before the next session. These can then be looked at quickly at the beginning of the next lesson if the student requires.
  • I do my best to keep the lessons light hearted and engaging with the tone less formal than that of a classroom setting.

Subject Qualification Grade
Mathematics GCSE A*
Further Mathematics GCSE A (Top Grade)
Physics GCSE A*
Chemistry GCSE A*
Biology GCSE A*
Mathematics A Level A*
Further Mathematics A Level A*
Physics A Level A*
Chemistry A Level A*
Physics Masters First Class


Profile Details

  • Name: William Burrow
  • Location: Halton
  • Tutor Type: ONLINE TUTOR
  • Gender: Male
  • Availability: Evenings Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9-5 any day of the week

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