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At Merit Tutors we offer parents the option to undertake lessons away from the restrictions and confines of classroom environments. Our home-tutoring service allows children to benefit from a relaxed yet encouraging learning space within the comfort of their homes.

Why Book Home Tutoring Classes?

1. Convenient and Flexible. You do not have to worry about your child travelling to an in- person centre nor about attending specific lessons, simply decide on a time that suits you and your child, and our tutor will come join you.

2. A distraction-free space. With the supervision of our tutor, your home will become the perfect alternative to an overcrowded classroom with a shortage of individual attention given to students.

Our Process


Sign up and complete the registration form

Wait for your registration and document check to be approved.


Find and message a tutor

Once your account is up and running, you will be able to browse through our list of tutors. Use our inbuilt filters to narrow down your search to find the tutor you feel will best suit your needs.


Select a preferred date and time

Arrange a quick call to virtually meet your tutor. Use this opportunity to see if they are right for you and discuss any preferences that you might have.


Get started with Merit Tutors Online

You’re all good to go! You may book however many lessons you like with them for the upcoming month. Remember to leave your tutor a review at the end of your lesson.