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Terms and condition

By creating a tutoring profile with Merit Tutors, you are bind to the following Terms and Conditions. Please read these carefully and ensure that you understand them before registering with us.


It is the responsibility of the tutor to keep the profile password confidential and not reveal it to anyone else. Tutors will be responsible for any activities undertaken using their account. Merit Tutors will not be liable where your account is used by someone else. In such a case, the tutor must change their password immediately and should contact our Support Team for further support and guidance.


When you use our site, you comply with the following guidelines:

-You hereby declare that you are at least eighteen (18) years old and have the necessary qualifications to provide Tutoring services listed on your profile.
-You have only listed subjects on your profile that are within your area of expertise and ability.
-You are not prevented from working with children.
-You authorise Merit Tutors to act as an agent and collect the Tutor Fees from the students.
-You have provided Merit Tutors with your UK Current Account details under your (the Tutor’s) name.
-You will act at all times in a professional manner and not in any way which could bring Merit Tutors into ill repute.
-You will ensure that any information provided to Merit Tutors is true and accurate.
-You agree that in response to a dispute, Merit Tutors is entitled to refund the lesson fee to a student on behalf of the Tutor.
-You may be requested to record a lesson and you agree to Merit Tutors retaining such data.
-You consent that any materials or resources used does not contain any third party copyright materials unless you have formal permission from the rightful owner..

You will not be charged for using and creating an account with Merit Tutors.

Merit Tutors has a fixed commission fee of 25% of the tutor’s hourly rate. This payment will be taken directly and the tutor is not required to take any action.

The Tutor will not be paid directly by the students. Merit Tutors will manage the payments of all Tutors. Lesson payment will be made available in the tutor’s balance within three working days which they can withdraw at the end of the month.

Payments can only be withdrawn at the end of the month. All withdraw request submitted will be processed at the end of the month.

You confirm that you are self employed and are directly responsible to HMRC for matters regarding Tax, VAT and National Insurance Contributions.


The Tutor may cancel tuition by giving at least [24 hours] prior notice to the student. A catch-up session should be arranged following mutual agreement between the two parties (Tutor and Student).

All cancellations made by the Tutor must be made in writing via the site to the student/guardian.


Tutors must arrive to their lessons are the stipulated time. Any lost time because of the late arrival of the Tutor shall be compensated for by extending a lesson by mutual agreement and by such amount of time that was lost.


Where necessary, Merit Tutors is entitled to carry out an investigation upon the receipt of negative feedback or where a student reports or raises concerns.

Merit Tutors holds full responsibility as to whether they should inform the tutor of such feedback.


Where the Tutor wishes to terminate the tutoring sessions, they will be required to inform any students taking sessions, providing a minimum notice of 14 days. Tutors must also submit a ‘Termination Form’ on their portal, providing a minimum notice of 14 days.

Merit Tutors holds the responsibility of terminating your sessions if:
-Any information provided by you is found to be untrue or inaccurate.
-Reviews by client are deemed as unsatisfactory.
-You act in a way that could bring Merit Tutors in to dishonour.

It is important that all tutors are happy with the service provided. In the unlikely event that the Tutor is unhappy, please contact us via email on info@merittutors.co.uk.