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GCSE Physics Revision Course

Revision courses with Merit Tutors offer learner-centered learning based on your child’s personal learning style. Our tutors take the time to understand each child’s needs, adapting their teaching styles and strategies to ensure our students get the most out of their lessons.
Our Physics revision course is an excellent way for your child to prepare for upcoming GCSE Physics combined or GCSE Physics triple exams.
Our revision courses are made up of an intimate study group, normally with 4-6 students from the same year group. We choose small groups because it allows for ideas to flow between the group, our learners can raise questions when they wish and topics can be debated in great detail with the opportunity for everyone to contribute. Courses at Merit Tutors are designed to fit the needs of the learner while still following a class structure in order to cover the required curriculum.
We cover the all the relevant course content included in Edexcel, AQA & OCR exam boards to suit the exam content your child needs.


The aim of our courses is to build on the learners existing knowledge and develop greater thinking in these areas, while simultaneously identifying gaps in knowledge and filling them.
At Merit Tutors, our tutors have extensive experience preparing children of all abilities for their exams. Run by qualified teachers, we have an excellent understanding of what Physics examiners are looking for in papers. Your child will focus on enhancing their scientific analytical skills, so they are able to apply the knowledge they have learnt into practice.
We use a variety of revision techniques to ensure our pupils get the most out of the course as possible. We strive to use a mixture of tutor-led and pupil-led activities to suit any learner. Other techniques we use include:

  • Past papers: past papers are known to be highly effective when it comes to learning the sciences, so we regularly use past paper questions so pupils can practice applying their knowledge in past exam questions. This helps students understand what the marker is looking for and how to structure their answer accordingly.
  • Mock tests: Each tutor will occasionally conduct mock tests which mimic examination conditions. We do these so pupils can practice ‘the real thing’,so pupils and tutors can obtain a sense of where progress has been made and where there are knowledge gaps.
  • Teachers Notes: Online records are available to parents and carers of each pupil so you can see the progress of your child.
  • Paper feedback: We provide written feedback to learners for their own use at home to further their learning and solidify what they have learnt in their tutor group.
  • Homework: We provide regular homework to our pupils to ensure they can adequately practice and apply the course content at home.

If you are ready to book a GCSE Physics revision course, please contact us by phone on 0208 616 2526 (Forest Gate) or 020 8478 9988 (Ilford), or email us on info@merittutors.co.uk. We will be happy to discuss the options and find a course that fits your child’s needs