Year 1 & 2

KS1 Maths

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Merit Tutors- KS1 MATHS

”We are ofsted Registered & all our Teachers are Qualified & DBS Checked.”

Our Teachers And Student

At Merit tutors we have a team of qualified school teachers and examiners who are experienced in teaching pupils from the East London area, which means that we are able to guarantee progress and success in every student at our tuition centre.

So How Do We Teach?

  • KS1 students range from 4 to 7 years old and our teachers are experienced in handling younger children with a lovely manner where they are encouraged instead of forced to do well
  • Group Tutoring: our classes have around 5/6 students in each creating a personal environment in which the teachers can maintain focus on every individual’s needs
  • Our centre creates personalised resources in line with the national curriculum so we ensure to target each individual directly whilst also making sure they are in line with the national structure
  • Numeracy is a big struggle for most young students as they are still grasping the addition, subtraction of numbers. Merit tutors use grid methods to allow students to visually see the addition and subtraction taking place. We even find fun and easy methods to teach students how to complete multiplication sums so that they can do it with ease at school

Our KS1 Maths Environment

A high quality mathematics education from KS1 provides a foundation for understanding the world where the ability to reason mathematically allows one to communicate daily in for example supermarkets. Merit teachers equip young children to become fluent in the basics of mathematics so that students can quickly solve real life numerical problems.

How can you see the results?

  • Each KS1 Numeracy teacher conducts regular, short tests on the topics they have address earlier so the students, the teachers and the parents can obtain a sense of the progress that is being made
  • Every week homework is given to the students from the booklet provided by the centre and each student is expected to complete the work before their next session
  • We keep online records of each student and make sure that we know exactly what topic they are struggling in.
  • Paper feedback is also provided to students which they use at home to further practice and improve what they have learnt

What The Students Think?

“I really enjoy numeracy and at Merit tutors they make us to higher levelled stuff if we are already getting good marks which is fun”

Our students are encourage not to work at only one level, if a student is doing really well in numeracy for their age then they are provided with equip that betters their skills rather than causes them to plateau.


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