Year 1 & 2

KS1 English

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Merit Tutors- KS2 ENGLISH

”We are ofsted Registered & all our Teachers are Qualified & DBS Checked.”

Our Teachers And Student

At Merit tutors we have a team of qualified school teachers and examiners who are experienced in teaching pupils from the East London area, which means that we are able to guarantee progress and success in every student at our tuition centre.


So how do we teach?


  • KS2 students range from Year 3 to Year 6, whilst the lower KS2 are taught to add on from what they have learnt in KS1, the upper KS2 are being prepared for the tough learning at secondary school
  • Group Tutoring: our classes have around 5/6 students as we like to ensure that our classes are not big and distracting for the students
  • Merit Tutors create personalised resources so that we are able to target specific problems in learning for each students but don’t worry, we also make sure to keep in line with the national curriculum
  • Lower KS2: Students are expected to already be able to read and write efficiently at this stage however if any student struggles with a specific aspect in reading or writing we are here to ensure that they are not left behind. Students will be taught to learn and love fiction and non-fiction texts. They will also be able to write their own stories whilst the teachers will keep check on their grammar, spelling and even handwriting
  • Upper KS2: Students in year 5 and year 6 are expected to be aiming for high achieving secondary schools and at Merit Tutors we aim to help achieve that. Here we will allow students to familiarise themselves with a wide range of genres, distinguish between explain, argument and persuasive texts and much more!

Our KS1 English Environment

KS2 is the final stage for students to get their basic English skills perfected before they entered the world of high school. We will ensure students are able to speak, write and read fluently both to themselves and aloud. Suffixes, conjunctions and distinguishing between difficult homophones will become very easy for all the students.


East London is an area where many students are bilingual and sometimes may struggle to differentiate between their mother tongue and English, Merit tutors will make sure that every student can use English perfectly.

How can you see the results?

  • Each KS2 English teacher conducts regular, short tests on the topics they have address earlier so the students, the teachers and the parents can obtain a sense of the progress that is being made
  • Tests are taken according to the structure of their personalised booklets and the student is expected to achieve at least 80% in their first time, any re-sits mean that the student is expected to achieve 10% more than the previous expected percentage.
  • Every week, homework is given to the students from the booklet provided by the centre and each student is expected to complete the work before their next session. Teachers will check homework during the sessions and test the student on what they have done at home
  • We keep online records of each student and make sure that we know exactly what topic they are struggling in.
  • Paper feedback is also provided to students which they use at home to further practice and improve what they have learnt.

What The Students Think?


Our KS2 students immediately understand that they are being prepared Year 7 where each subject they learn becomes much more difficult but they also are confident when they leave that they can use a thesaurus, use a dictionary, understand the concepts of sentence structure, plan writing and draft small pieces of work.


“We learnt how to make a good plan for a story today and my teacher said that my draft will be really good if I follow my plan well”


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