At Merit Tutors we have extensive professional experience in ensuring your child is fully ready for their GCSE exams. Our tutors take the time to understand your child’s needs and adapt their teaching style which will benefit your child and enhance their academic development.

We understand how important GCSE exams and what students require in order to succeed.  We strongly believe that each child has the potential to attain the best possible grade through the correct guidance and assistance. Therefore, we our approach involves one of thoroughly recognising our student’s weaknesses to help in overcoming them. We ensure that we create a motivating and supporting environment in which students feel they will be able to do exceptionally well.

What makes us different?

  • Our tutors have a strong teaching backgrounds and the experience needed for your child’s success. This includes school teachers and tutors who have attended some of the best universities in the U.K.
  • As we are a private exam centre we are able to let some students sit their GCSE exams early if we feel that they are capable of doing so. We will prepare your child in advance to ensure they are ready to take the exams.
  • The student is at the heart of everything in our centre. We listen to each one and communicate effectively to provide them a bespoke tutoring service.

Our Environment

  • We have a supportive and motivating environment in which students feel confident to achieve the best grades possible.
  • Normally each group is between 4-6 students from the same year group.
  • We ensure each child is listened to and our tutors play close attention to students in order to identify the ideal way to help your child.
  • Out tutors encourage our students to achieve their best while challenging them at the same time to ensure students are able to tackle difficult questions.
  • Merit Tutors ensures that students not only learn but enjoy the overall experience of tuition and feel positive about their progress.


Progress Monitoring

  • Each teacher conducts regular tests that mimic school examinations so the students, the teachers and the parents can obtain a sense of the progress that is being made
  • Past papers are known to be highly effective when it comes to learning the sciences so students are regularly tested using the exams of their specific exam board. This method enables the students to understand what the examiners are looking for and structure their answers accordingly


  • We keep online records of each student and make sure that we know exactly what topic they are struggling in.
  • Paper feedback is also provided to students which they use at home to further practice and improve what they have learnt.
  • Students are given homework regularly after each class to ensure they are practising the course content at home.


  • We cover the all the relevant course content included in Edexcel, AQA & OCR exam boards.
  • Our tutors introduce a variety of methods and techniques which make it easier for students to approach Maths questions.
  • We use a range of resources including past papers and strategies to make sure our students always achieve their full potential,
  • Our GCSE tuition classes have only around 4-6 students,
  • Our GSCE Maths tutoring is tailored to encourage all students through tips and ideas & is always exam focused,
  • At Merit tutors we have high expectations for our GCSE Maths students and even tutors.
  • Our GCSE Maths tutoring service can help a student to boost their grade from grade 5 to 8 within few months.
  • We have a wide range of resources from textbooks, past papers and personalised booklets for students to use.

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

“Before coming here I was not confident in maths but now I find solving non-calculator paper questions much easier”

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities


We have previously taught around 700 students of which approximately 95% have successfully surpassed their predicated GCSE grade.

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We readily prepare your child to enhance their ability to tackle more challenging 11+ content. We ensure our students are taught the relevant skills and have a strong understanding of the material so that they are able to move into Year 5 without any difficulties.

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

‘My teacher makes it fun for me to read the novels and we spend a good amount of time going into detail. We put the PEE (point, evidence and explain) method to good use whilst discussing Inspector Calls’


Class Schedule | Curricular Activities


We cover all the relevant course material within exam boards such as Edexcel, AQA and OCR.

  • We prepare students readily so they are able to understand biology, chemistry and physics thoroughly.
  • Our tutors teach students a wide range of techniques so that your child is able to approach questions with ease and confidence.
  • Using a variety of educational resources we ensure your child has a strong grasp of the sciences.
  • We focus students on enhancing their scientific analytical skills so they are able to apply the knowledge they have learnt to practice.

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities


‘I used to really struggle with science because I didn’t understand how to properly learn Biology, Chemistry and Physics but now I can apply the knowledge that I learn to the unusual questions on the exam papers’

Class Schedule | Curricular Activities

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